I Scream You Scream We All Scream for Ice Cream! [and sushi]

Spring has sprung and summer is on its way and I am visiting J in Leeds and his exams are over and it's BANK HOLIDAY (hellothreedayweekend) and the world is a happy place!

On Sunday evening we went for an evening stroll in the sunshine around the park and found an ice cream van with proper Mr Whippy 99s. It was very lovely and we shall now proceed to shower you with ICE CREAM photos... 


99 with a flake AND sauce - it's my lucky day!

I only almost got knocked out by an out of control football twice.

He's a very pretty one, wouldn't you say..?

Sunshine Park Stroll Success

To top off the deliciousness of three day weekends, we also had a TREAT at Yo Sushi in Harvey Nichols where it was Blue Monday - sushi and noodles and miso soup and rice and katsu nom nom nom.

Hope those of you with Bank Holidays also enjoyed your extra-long and sunny weekend with or without ice cream/sushi!


We are alive still! J is now done with exams and I have had a crazy couple of weeks with work but we are now back on the blog and excited for SUMMER! To fill you in:

  • M went to Germany to see the people she lived with AND then gallivanted off to Venice for four days whilst living in boring hotels for work in between
  • J sat five nasty exams and fingers crossed is now only days away from being a fully qualified stethoscope-wearing, blood pressure-taking Dr! 

We have lots of exciting things coming up in the next few weeks too like a grad ball weekend, family parties and then in July a HOLIBOBS to Morocco (soexcitedtoswimanddrinkcocktailsandrelaxinthesun). 

J wants to update on part 2 of medical elective story too so expect that soon along with maybe some taunting photos of Venetian canals and prosecco from M (nothing like rubbing it in...!)

Blogger has informed me we have Russian robots viewing our blog (argh!) so if you happen to be a real life human being reading this would be awesome if you could let us know in the comments thank youuu!